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  • “Urban Pets“貓砂包裝升級設計
    洛尚品牌設計X 南非KPs集團,升級“Urban Pets“貓砂包裝設計,KPs集團成立于2008年,并在南非開普敦開設了第一家零售店。 KPs集團主要從事消費電子產品和配件;動漫,漫畫,交易卡游戲收藏品和商品;玩具,派對游戲;寵物產品和配件。旗下擁有8家直營零售店、4個在線頻道、30多個流行品牌、2000多種產品。 Founded in 2008, The KPs Group opened its first retail store in Cape Town, South Africa. Over the past years, the company has developed in many ways. From retail to distribution, The KPs strike to build strong partnerships with our excellent and unique selection of brands and products. Highlights 8 DIRECT RETAIL OUTLETS 4 ONLINE CHANNELS 30+ POPULAR BRANDS 2000+ PRODUCTS 70+ EMPLOYEES MANY RETAIL PARTNERS AND RESELLERS We specialise in CONSUMERS ELECTRONICS AND ACCESSORIES. ANIME, COMIC, TRADING CARD GAME COLLECTABLES AND MERCHANDISES. TOYS, PARTY GAMES. PET PRODUCTS AND ACCESSORIES.